Courses to Boost Your Online Presence

All 8 courses are listed below. They are offered “a la cart” style so that you can focus on what’s in front of you. However, there is an option to do the whole program too. Doing the whole program will save you 25% off the total cost and ensures your desire to succeed.

Best Massage Website Design

Sure, your website is the virtual home for your business. But hey, no need to get all anxious about it. This course walks you through every step needed to create a website that is attractive, compelling and most importantly, gets you more clients. Full Course Description


seo for massage therapists

Everyone wants their site to be ranked #1 in Google. But not everyone has the right tools to get there. This course doesn’t promise #1 rankings for everything but it does promise to optimize your site well enough to get as many inquiries needed to fill your practice. Full Course Description


internet marketing for massage therapists

There are websites across the Internet with the sole purpose of sharing information about your business. This course guides you through creating listings on the most important directory websites. You must do this in order to create an online presence that will get you more clients. Full Course Description


Massage Business Plan tips

How many stars does your business listing have online? If your answer is 3 1/2 or less, this course is a must for you. Today, more and more potential clients are looking at ratings and reviews online to influence their decision to schedule with you. Full Course Description


social media for massage therapists

Your Social Media presence can have a profound impact on getting more clients. There are fun and creative ways to use Social Media to promote your services- in as little as 10 minutes a day. This course guides you through the steps to use Social Media in fun and creative ways to help build your clientele. Full Course Description


How to get more massage clients

Videos help build trust from potential clients. This course will guide you through the process of making 2 great videos that can be used on your website and other marketing platforms. Full Course Description


Massage Email Marketing Materials

Email is still the most influential thing used to get more clients. This course will show you how to make an email list, and write/send emails that promote your services in meaningful and helpful ways. Full Course Description


best marketing practices for massage therapists

Potential and current clients want things to be simple and convenient, when it comes to scheduling with you. Make sure you have the right software to help clients feel that way. This course will review the top two Massage/Bodywork scheduling softwares and show you how to use them effectively online. Full Course Description


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