Learn How To Market Your Practice Online

When you have a solid online presence in place, it helps you attract clients 24/7. It’s amazing! But many Massage & Bodywork practitioners don’t know how to create an online presence. I am here to help.

I’ve put together a training that will show you how to market your practice online. This will save you time and money. It will also help you fill your practice.

The 7 modules for this program are listed below. This is a comprehensive program that puts a ‘system’ in place to help new clients find you online. Every module has video tutorials that show you what to do for each step. It’s super easy to follow and provides the guidance to learn how. Click on any module to read a detailed description.

SEO for Massage Websites

Your website is the most important part of an online presence. It helps you turn visitors into scheduled clients. This module shows you how to make a website using a drag and drop service. You will also be shown where to place images, how to add compelling text, and what to put on each page.

seo for massage therapists

Everyone wants their site to be ranked #1 in Google and it takes the right ‘tools’ to get you there. This course  optimizes your website so that you are showing up high on page 1 of Google.

internet marketing for massage therapists

There are certain websites made to feature your website. This module guides you through creating listings on the most important directory websites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and others. (This is critical for SEO and getting found online.)

Massage Therapy Business Plan tips

Does your practice have enough online reviews? These really help potential clients when deciding to book a session with you. This module shows you strategies to use to get more reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

social media for massage therapists

Your Social Media presence can have a profound impact on getting more clients. There are fun and creative ways to use Social Media to promote your services- in as little as 10 minutes a day. This module shows you the steps to use Social Media in fun and creative ways to help build your clientele.

Massage Email Marketing Materials

Email marketing helps you increase client retention. This module will show you how to set up email marketing and use it to turn first time clients into repeat clients.

best marketing practices for massage therapists

This module helps you choose and set up online scheduling. With the right software, clients will be happy because scheduling is very convenient for them and you’ll be happy because you are saving a ton of time. Plus, the software will automatically send reminders. That will decrease no shows.

Start This Program and Get Found Online