How to Create an Awesome Massage & Bodywork Website

The foundation of any successful bodywork practice’s marketing efforts- guaranteed to get you more clients.

Who Is This Course For?

If you are a Massage Therapist or Bodywork Practitioner and don’t have a website, this course is for you. It will guide you through creating a website that is awesome and leaves a lasting impression on your future clients. This website creation course is a step-by-step tutorial. You don’t need any technical skill in order to complete this course.

What Is The Goal Of This Course?

The goal is for you to make a website that you like, your future clients like, and motivates them to schedule a session with you. You will also gain the skills to manage your website with ease and simplicity.

How Does It Benefit You?

If you want to get clients from the Internet, you must have a website. It is a very powerful promotional tool that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Having a website saves you time by not having to do as much networking and marketing on your own because your website does it for you. You also save on costs of printed marketing materials, gas for driving, membership tuitions for leads/networking groups, and advertising because more people will be viewing your website and contacting you to schedule.


22 video tutorials

For Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers who don’t have a website

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“I have more clients than I can physically manage! I am consistently booked 3-4 months in advance..with a waiting list that is also too much for me to manage” 

Gina K, Certified Rolfer in Austin, TX

“My husband and I took a BIG leap and started an Elements Massage franchise in Boulder. For the first year, my stomach was constantly in knots. I would stare at the phone and try to make it ring- imagining client calls. It didn’t. One day, a kind man named Reid walked in to learn about our services. We talked for a while that day. He signed up for his first massage with us and I signed up for his program. 4 months later, I was looking to hire 3 more therapists. What Reid does is pure magic. I love his ways of helping fill our Massage practice!” SEO for Massage Therapists Testimonial

Kate M., Co-Owner of Elements Massage in Boulder, CO

Examples From Previous Customers

Massage Aid Now

Massage Websites

Mike Williams Rolfing

Awesome Massage Website Example

Course Description

This course is the best guide to creating a Massage & Bodywork website. In an organized fashion, it helps you plan, write, and design everything needed to publish a website that is professional, engaging, and inspires your site visitors to contact you to schedule.

By doing this course, you don’t need to know how to code or program. We will show you what to do with the 3rd party web publisher, You get step-by-step guidance on how to do everything needed to make an awesome looking website that impresses and inspires potential clients to schedule with you.

What’s Included

How to Make an Awesome Massage Website Course Lessons


Reid Peterson is your Instructor. In 2001, he built a successful Massage Therapy Practice in the Twin Cities area in only 18 months. In 2008, he began providing full-service Internet Marketing help to Health and Wellness practitioners all over the United States. He has helped dozens of Bodyworkers fill their clientele in a 6 – 12 month time frame.

364 Day Money Back Guarantee!

The foundation of any successful bodywork practice’s marketing efforts is a solid, optimized web presence. When I reached out to Reid, my web presence was anything but. Throughout our work together, Reid provided me expert analysis and insight into how to create and maintain a professional, attractive website that would differentiate me from the pack and draw in new clients. The result: an amazing website and the knowledge to keep it working for me in order to continually grow and expand my practice. I’ve been extremely pleased with the results and highly recommend Reid’s course.

Mike Williams Testimonial

Mike Williams, Rolfer and Massage Therapist

How Much Does This Course Cost?


What will I learn?

You will learn how to create an awesome website that you can manage with confidence and skill.

Do you feel this course comprehensively covers website development for body workers?

Yes. The only thing you need to know how to do is to follow our guidance. We make it very simple to follow. We even use a real massage therapist in Santa Barbara (Leo Barocio) as a demo. You will finish the course with a new website that looks professional and enticing to future clients.

I might have questions. How will they get answered?

We have a support team that responds to every question. Each question will be answered within 1 business day and you may ask as many questions as you’d like.

Do I get CE credit for this course?

We are currently researching CE credits provided by NCBTMB. We are looking into each state’s Massage Licensure regulations and if CE’s provided by NCBTMB are accepted. Once we know the answer, we will update you with the necessary information.

Can I take other courses too?

Yes. There is no limit to what you can take and when you can take it. Websites are even more effective when they have good SEO. If you are ambitious and have a hunger for getting more clients from the Internet, our SEO course is a good match to this course.