Reid Peterson Bodywork Business ProHi, my name is Reid. I teach business skills to Massage & Bodywork practitioners. Most of what I teach helps with developing better ways to promote your services. I also teach technology use, especially how to use the Internet to get new clients. I think that technology makes it easier for you to promote your services and helps you manage your practice more effectively.

You may think of me as a business coach. That’s sort of correct. I’m more of teacher/consultant. What’s different about the work I do is that when I teach you how to do something (like make a website), you can take action as you’re learning. This is possible because I teach through an online course format. 

Think of it as learning by doing. This has been a lifelong dream of mine- to teach this way. I also think that learning by doing is the best way to retain knowledge and the most productive way to get things done.

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I do what I do because I love teaching (in unconventional ways) and I love helping Bodywork practitioners succeed. I was a full-time Massage Therapist for 8 years. It was a tremendously rewarding career for me. What I enjoyed most was facilitating transformation in such a short amount of time. Clients literally looked different from the time they came into my treatment room to the time they said “see ya next week”.

What I didn’t like was marketing. I was afraid of it. I also sucked at it. Even though I feared it, I knew how important it was to managing a successful practice. Despite my fear of promoting myself, I kept trying new things to get the word out.

That’s what led to my work in Internet Marketing. I’ve done Internet Marketing for clients as small as Sole Proprietorships and as large as 15 practitioner franchises. All efforts have resulted in more clients and more efficient management practices.

I would like to teach you how to get more clients. More importantly, I would like to help your practice succeed. If that sounds like a fit for you, I highly encourage you to hire me for help or learn from me by signing up for a course at Bodywork Business School.

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What inspires you to do this work?

Two things: (1) I believe that massage & bodywork is one of two ways (the other is soaking in hot springs) to eliminate so much stress in such a short amount of time. I completely understand how helpful massage & bodywork is for Holistic health. (2) Having been a sole proprietor of massage & bodywork, I understand the challenges and problems practitioners face. I know how to help in ways that solve problems and help practices grow. I view my work as a way of giving back to practitioners. It’s a beautiful way for me to thank you for the transformational work you do.

What does your business actually do?

My business is essentially an online school where you can take courses. Currently, course topics are focused on promotional (marketing) efforts.

Who are the courses for?

I focus on helping Massage & Bodywork practitioners. Most people who take my courses are Sole Proprietors who are contracting in an office setting and are getting ready to venture into their own practice.

If the courses are online, how do you teach?

I create the courses so that there are activities for you to do. If the topic has to do with something online, I screen record to show you how to do x,y, or z. (I’m very visual and I make my courses to meet the needs of visual learners.)

How much do the courses cost?

I keep the courses very affordable. Some are free and some cost $97. The free courses help you better understand a topic. The paid courses help you get a result (like a website).

Reid Peterson- Bodywork Business Pro Owner

Bodywork Business Pro was founded by Reid Peterson, MA, CMT. In 2001, he built a successful Massage Therapy Practice in St. Paul, MN in less than 18 months. In 2008, he began providing full-service Internet Marketing help to Health and Wellness practitioners all over the United States. He has helped dozens of Massage & Bodyworkers fill their practice within a 6-12 month time frame.

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The intention and purpose of Bodywork Business Pro is to help you promote your practice more effectively and grow your clientele. From informational articles and videos to instructional online courses, every idea, tip, lesson, and presentation is 150% focused on helping you succeed.

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Can a Massage Therapist/Bodyworker really do these courses? Yes! And all who have done so have been extremely happy with their results. Currently, the most popular course is the Complete Guide to Creating a Website. Practitioners have been very happy about making a website that effectively shares their services and is done in a very appealing way.

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