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I recently received an email from a friend of a friend. The person who contacted me heard about my SEO services and wanted to know her options regarding a Yellow Pages’ “sizzling” (sarcasm there!) SEO offer.  Betsy (who reached out to me) wasn’t sure what she should do and wanted to know what’s the best SEO for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers. Her exact email was this:

Hi Reid,
I’m a friend of ____ (name removed to honor privacy). She had said you offer SEO services, or at least you have in the past.
I am currently looking at my options for SEO services. I was approached by someone from Yellow Pages who had said the cheapest I could do would be $129/month. Then she emailed me saying she could do $70 for setting up my online presence and use one local ad that will link to my website.
I built my website through Weebly. It is phone friendly. But I know that it’s not optimized at all. You basically have to type in my exact website to find me.
I am new to all of this and not very tech savvy. I’m writing you to ask if there is any one-time fee that could help me or if I have to purchase these monthly services. Are you able to offer any services?
I trust ____ immensely and she says you’re the guy. 🙂
Thanks in advance for any input!!!!
p.s. I am a Rolfer/OTR. My website is

Offers Of SEO For Massage Therapists Can Be Scammy

Does this sound familiar? I would love to hear your situation too. Leave a comment below.
Before I begin sharing some thoughts about Betsy’s seo options, let’s look at a couple facts:
1) Betsy is looking to boost her SEO for her website. She does a lot of different things. She’s a Rolfer, does infant massage, Doula services, and laughter clubs!
2) Betsy has been approached by a 3rd party provider who has indirectly told her to expect to pay up to $130 per month for SEO services.
Let’s address point #1 first. Betsy does a lot of different things…

SEO For Massage Therapists Works Better When You Specialize

When thinking about the best options regarding SEO for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers, I know that you all have many gifts and talents and you probably provide a lot of different services too.
This can make your SEO be more challenging because the search engines want to put you in a tiny little box. Of course I don’t mean this literally but the metaphor couldn’t be any better matched. Search engines are like grocery stores. They stock a lot of different items and try to organize things so that shoppers can find things easier. Your services are like an item that goes on one of the shelves. The question is: “Which shelf? And which section will you be?
The world wants an expert and search engines are built to tell you who the best experts are. If you provide 4 or more different services, it’s going to make things harder for your website to be at the top of Google.
If you want to succeed with SEO, your best interest is to pick one service that you want to focus on for SEO.
In my opinion, Betsy should choose a service that she sees herself happiest in doing the most. This will become the focus of starting her SEO work. She can still list her other services on her website but she should expect more inquiries for the service she chooses to focus on.
You can still list all your services. But be smart about what you choose as your focus. You want to make sure people find you for what you want to do + it’s a service that people want to experience.

How Much Should SEO For Massage Therapists Cost?

Let’s now move on to point #2 (I have a lot of opinions about this point). Betsy has been approached by a 3rd party provider who has indirectly told her to expect to pay up to $130 per month for SEO services.
In Betsy’s original email, she also stated “Then she emailed me saying she could do $70 for setting up my online presence and use one local ad that will link to my website.” (“She” is referring to the Yellow Pages representative who first contacted her about SEO.)
There’s just so many things wrong with this!
First, SEO service providers are in full control of taking advantage of their customers. Who really knows what SEO is? Yes, we know what it means but do we know what it fully entails? A company that provides SEO services could tell you that you need to do X, Y and Z and would you be confident in calling them out on it if you weren’t sure?
Second, $70 is way too cheap. I know this for a fact because there are dozens of things that are needed in order to setup an online presence and nobody is going to make a living by charging $70 total for it. I would have loved to ask the Yellow Pages rep what’s all included in setting up an online presence!
Third, when a third party SEO service provider gets your business, they usually provide services that don’t really help your SEO. They’ll work but they’ll do stuff that have very little impact on your rankings. Think of what they do as “busy” work. Yes, they do something, but no, it’s not fulfilling a purpose and producing results. So in a way, you’re duped because you’ve just paid for something and have expectations- but you’re never going to get your expectations fulfilled.
(I think it’s time to stop ranting about what’s available out there and get back on track by talking about seo for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers!)

Best Options Regarding SEO For Massage Therapists

Your first option is to hire a 3rd party service. Most SEO companies are pretty expensive. You can find a diamond in the rough though. Just be careful (and critical) of ones that are very cheap in costs. They’re really not going to do you any good. (If you’re not sure what is cheap or not, feel free to comment or contact me. I’ll let you know what I think.)
Your second option is to do it yourself. This will require a lot of learning. I assume most of you reading this aren’t as interested in this option so I’ll keep this brief. If you are interested though, I suggest reading the work of Quick Sprout. That guy is for real and has tons of helpful information to share!
Your third option is a hybrid of the first two. I created a program that helps Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers boost their online presence in a step by step guided course. It’s affordable and simple. Please look it over and see if it’s in your best interest to do.
I wish you well on your SEO journey. It’s no easy task. But hopefully, you make the right decisions to keep things simple and get you to where you want to be- in the search engine results and in life.

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