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Massage Software Reviews- MindbodyMindbody is a company that provides cloud-based business management software for the wellness services industry. It serves about 35 million consumers located in over 130 countries and territories. It’s a very well known software. Almost every Yoga studio I’ve ever been to uses it.

It is by no means a good fit for you if you are a Sole Proprietor. If you work for yourself and only yourself, please see my Massage software review of Artichoke.

For the purposes of this article, I am going to share a comprehensive review of the software, as seen through the eyes of massage business that has 6 – 12 massage therapists and two different physical locations.

Before I go into detail about Mindbody and what it does for your massage practice, I want to share with you the rating criteria I came up with to help provide a more useful massage software review. There are 8 categories within the review criteria. Below is the name of each one and what it means.

      1. Pricing.  Pricing is most likely the first thing people look at when they look into massage online software reviews. Once someone knows a price, they pretty much say to themselves “it’s okay” or “it’s too expensive”. Unfortunately, this preconceived notion prevents Massage Therapists from better understanding what the software actually does, compared to how much it costs. My rating system for pricing is based on what the software actually does for the cost of use, as well as in comparison to what else is available (I’ve reviewed 12 different softwares and determined the average cost for using an online scheduling software is about $23 a month). 
      2. Responsive. There are different ways someone can use an online scheduling software. You could use it from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You could also use an app or a web-based version of the software. This rating criterion is called “responsive” because it will cover how compatible the software is with all of the viewing platforms that you use.
      3. User Friendliness. You will be using this software every day (or close to it). The software has to be easy to navigate and use. You also want to feel good while you are using it. Why deal with headaches or heartaches because of a bad software that’s not user-friendly? From this rating criterion, you will know how you will feel when you use the software.
      4. Customer Friendliness. You’re not the only one who will use this software. It is so important to also make sure that your clients feel good when they use the software! However, they won’t be using it like you do. I’m going to make sure that you know the software is also good for your clients to use. 
      5. SOAP Notes. I’ve added the SOAP notes criterion because I know it’s important for your practice. Also, several massage softwares include SOAP notes as a feature. But just because SOAP notes are offered doesn’t mean that they’re good. Considerations like how SOAP notes are stored, shared, and what kind of visual aids are available need to be weighted as either pros or cons. I’ve done the research for you and you will have a full understanding of what you can and can’t do with SOAP notes for this software.
      6. Automation. Part of investing in a massage scheduling software is the ability to automate certain processes. Automation saves you time and money. If your online scheduling software is compatible with your website and social media pages, that will make things more automated. It will further help you feel saner because you won’t have to remember so many things that you need to do. In this rating criterion, I am going to help you know what will save you time and money if you use this software.
      7. Payment Processing. Yes, some online scheduling softwares take payments. Maybe you want a software that will hold a credit card as a reservation or charge a client for a no show. Payment processing can make your life a lot easier when the software is working right. I’ll be sharing a lot of helpful information about the software’s payment processing capabilities and what it can or can’t do for your business.
      8. Add-Ons. Sometimes softwares have some cool features that you may have not even considered. I’ll review these features, providing more information about whether they’re worth your time and money.

When reading through each criterion, you will see an overall rating number after the title. I used the familiar “on a scale from 1 – 10” rating system. This number represents the quality of the software, specific to the criterion reviewed. For example, if you see a number “5” in the section, you will know it is average. 1 is poor. 10 is excellent. After each number rating is shared, there will be explanations and examples about how the software provides this feature.

Now that you know the what and how for this massage software review of Mindbody, let’s explore what it does, how much it costs, and the ways you can use it.

Pricing-  1

Mindbody has tiered pricing. Tiered pricing means you get access to a certain set of features for a specific price. The options are $75/month for Starter, $125/month for Pro, $195/month for Accelerate, and $290/month for Ultimate.

Massage Software Review- Mindbody Pricing

I haven’t seen prices as expensive as these for any other massage software reviews I’ve done. This is very expensive and I’m not confident that Mindbody is an equivalent of 4 times better than any of its competitors- to justify the 4 times as expensive costs.

To make matters worse, below is a screen capture of an email message the CEO sent to all customers in November of 2016.

Massage Software Review- Mindbody Pricing

The pricing you saw above does account for the monthly rate increase of 24%. However, knowing that prices have gone up, I’m very confident that it will happen again. Customers may not see 24% increases each year but they might see something like 8% the next year, 11% the next, and some other number the next. And we all know that this can add up very quickly.

Mindbody doesn’t offer a free trial to test the waters. They want you to schedule a demo so that you interact with someone from their sales team. They do put more sales pressure on you than any of the other companies that compete with them.

 If you are a member of ABMP, you can save 20% on your monthly subscription. This is a great rate for AMBP members, but, even with the discount, you are still paying over $60/month for a starter package. It’s still too expensive to justify the costs.

Responsive-   9

Mindbody is in the business of providing software at your convenience. They create apps in addition to providing the service via the web. Mindbody can be accessed on any device, in either app or web fashion. The choice is yours for how you want to use it (as their customer).

Massage Software Review- Mindbody responsive

User Friendliness-   5

Mindbody offers a lot for its customers. This might be their Achilles heal, though. For you as the user, the most important thing is for your software to be simple to use, right? Mindbody isn’t simple. There are too many features.

Take a look at this demo from 2 years ago. Tell me if you’re overwhelmed after watching the 5 minute video:

Customer Friendliness-  5

It’s a similar story for your clients… They might get confused.

Honestly, Mindbody is good for your clients to use if they only have one account- and it’s with your practice. But Mindbody is a popular software. Your client may belong to a Yoga studio, which also uses MindBody. The problem with that is your client will likely have two Mindbody accounts and will have difficulty distinguishing the correct login credentials. (I just experienced this problem myself when I signed up for some circuit training sessions with a fitness gym.)

Too many accounts is an invitation for confusion. When people get confused, they go do something else.

Make sure you keep things simple. I think Mindbody has grown to be too big to keep their own stuff simple.

SOAP Notes-   ?

I felt it was fair to not rate this criterion for Mindbody because I was not able to review it. Mindbody doesn’t highlight SOAP notes as a feature they offer (but I’m sure SOAP notes are available).

We all know SOAP notes are important in our practice. Isn’t it slightly concerning that Mindbody doesn’t market SOAP notes to us as an awesome feature for their software? (Here’s the screenshot of the web page for Massage. Where’s the SOAP notes?)

Massage Software Review- Mindbody SOAP Notes

Automation-  7

Mindbody has some valuable features for automation. These include:

      1. Appointment confirmation. If your client schedules with you online, they will get an email confirmation that the appointment has been booked. The session also fills up on your calendar. This is helpful for appointment confirmations. 
      2. Recurring Payments.  When your client’s payment information is recorded on the software, you can select how frequent they are charged.
      3. Appointment reminders. When it’s almost time for your client’s appointment, an automated text/email reminder is sent. On the initial setup, you select how long in advance each message will be sent.

Mindbody claims there are 110 ways their software will save you time. That may be true, however, it’s unclear as to whether those 110 ways are all automated.

Payment Processing-  8

MindBody has a “point-of-sale” system that does credit card payment processing. Additionally, they offer an “Express” app that processes payments. Their fees are comparable to competitors, and you get two options for the fees:

Massage Software Review- Mindbody payment processing


Add Ons-   7 

Mindbody states they offer 110 ways to save you time. Is that too many? Possibly. On their website, they feature Marketing, Online Booking, Retention, Point of Sale, Client Tools, Staff Resources, Reports, and Automation. They have built extensions for Facebook and their own app. They have plenty of technology to offer to you. The question is- how much of it do you want to use?

Massage Software Reviews- 6 Overall Rating

Mindbody is an okay software to use for owners of massage clinics and integrative healing arts centers. It is more expensive than its competitors and due to how many features it offers, it could potentially be confusing and overwhelming to its users.

Do remember that this review was meant for a clinic/practice that has between 5-12 practitioners. This software seems to be a better fit for companies that offer classes, such as yoga studios and cross training gyms.

Instead of using Mindbody for your massage practice, I recommend using ClinicSense. To learn more about ClinicSense, please read the massage software review posted on the blog.




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  1. Dave Krajovic

    Hi Reid – Thank you so much for your in depth reviews of on line booking software. I really appreciate your thoughts. You have a real feel for what the issues are. I would recommend that perhaps you consider a marketing aspect i.e. how well gift certificates work, can you print, email, etc? reminders to folks who haven’t been in for a while such as with Frederick. We are on Booker right now and are thinking of switching to Mind Body. Your reviews are timely. I wish you had reviewed Booker. Also if the software has modules for product sales and classes. These are not applicable to all massage therapy centers but they are to some. Thanks again for your excellent reviews. I am off to check out other content/courses you offer. Take Care

    1. Dave, I appreciate your thoughts. And yes, I would like to review more features and capabilities for each software I choose to review. However, there’s only so much time in a day, week, year, lifetime…

      Some of the softwares include the marketing aspect. You are right. Marketing is extremely important and covering more information about a marketing feature will be more helpful. I’ll make sure that future reviews incorporate more information on marketing. Thanks so much for your input!

  2. Therese Holliday, Rogue Health LLC

    We subscribed to Mindbody for I believe a year. It was very difficult to use, but we did include their credit card auth for online purchases and classes. We decided to migrate to Fullslate due to its ease of use and were slapped with the reality that if you want all of your data from Mindbody -YOUR DATA- they want $600 for RAW DATA. No, not formatted in a way you can easily upload to another service. No. They tell you that you can run reports. That is true. I ran 5 and STILL didn’t have all my data. I paid someone to actually manually input all of out data for cheaper to the new service, and Mindbody didn’t see a problem with how badly the relationship ended. NEVER AGAIN.

    1. Really glad you shared your experience, Therese! Bodyworkers considering MindBody need this input/feedback. Hope you’re much happier with Fullslate and your practice is thriving.