The Best Way to Name Your Massage Website (How to Choose A Massage Website Domain Name)

What to Name Your Massage Website AddressSometimes your Massage business name isn’t going to match your massage website name. This isn’t a big problem in the long run but if possible, you do want to be as consistent as you can. This consistency is better referred to as branding. Good branding helps foster business growth. In this article, I’m going to walk you through the process of choosing a domain name for massage websites that match your business branding.

Do you currently have a legally registered business name for the city you work in?

If so, write it down on a piece of paper. If not, what do you call your business? Write the name on your piece of paper. Based on what you wrote down, you’re now going to use that to come up with the name of your massage website.

I have created an example to help you along the way. For my example, I am going to assume I DO NOT have a registered business name. When people ask me the name of my business, I say “Reid Peterson, LMT”.

In most cases, this is a common example. However, I often see creative business names on their massage cards and brochures (example: Body Kneads) but for tax and business purposes, they use their full name and social security number. (This situation by default is called a Sole Proprietor.) If Sole Proprietors have different business names on different massage marketing materials, it can cause confusion for potential clients.

The goal is to avoid confusion at all costs. You do this by making sure your massage business name, website name, and name on your cards and brochures (as well as other marketing materials) are the same.

Coming back to my example, “Reid Peterson, LMT”, I can easily make sure my business cards and brochures have that same name. But do I really want my website domain to be

In most cases, the answer is “no”. LMT is a credential we in the massage profession fully understand. Many of our clients do not. Therefore, it’s harder for them to remember the 3 letters of “LMT” because there’s little or no association in their minds. You’re actually better off naming your website something that’s easier to remember. For example, The word “massage” is easier for clients to remember.

The point is to keep things simple, relevant, and memorable.

Going back to an example like the one I just used, I suggest either using your name as the website name or adding another relevant word. Here are examples of what I would use for naming my massage website:


Other options are possible but these two are likely the best fit. I actually think is better because it more substantially helps people remember what I do.

If your situation sounds similar to this example, it may be your smartest option to use (yourname) as your massage website address name.

What about a situation where you have a business name already registered? That can get a little more tricky because there may be businesses with the same name as yours but in a different city, state, or country. That’s not a big deal normally but can be if they own the website address that you want.

To further clarify, I’m going to use the business name “Body Kneads” as an example. In this case, I would like to name my massage website address However, let’s assume that someone else has already purchased the website address. If I wanted that website address only, it could become quite expensive to purchase it from the current owner (Assuming they are even willing to sell it).

Massage Website Address Already TakenIf you’re in a situation similar to this, you may want to consider adding the name of the city you work in to your massage website address. This is a simple workaround and quite common these days since so many website addresses are taken.

Continuing on with this example,, I would want to add my city name “Santa Barbara”. However, is quite long. Also, there are two s’s right next to each other. Two of the same letters next to each other in a website address isn’t ideal. This could become very confusing to anyone trying to type the web address into a browser.

If you live in a city that has a long name or more than one word in the name, consider abbreviating things. For my example, instead of adding Santa Barbara to my bodykneads website address, I could add SB. The website name would then become

Doesn’t the two s’s next to each other look weird? Let’s fix that.

There’s a couple things I could do:

    1. Add by (your name). Example:
  1. Add “in”. Example:

There are more options. Feel free to get creative. But do your best to keep things simple, relevant, and easy to remember. Always focus on those three things. (I’ve seen someone use the airport code of the city they live/work in. Example:

By now, I’m confident you have some ideas of what to name your massage website address. Before ending this article, there’s one more thought I want to make clear.

It’s common sense but do your best to avoid words that have negative associations. What I mean by this is, refrain from using words that make people think of bad or ugly things.

One prime example is a new business called Rubzy. (Rubzy has created quite an uproar from people in Massage Therapy related Facebook groups!) What do you think of when you see that word? I know, it’s not good.

Avoiding negative words for your massage website address may sound simple but be sure to take the time to really think things through. Your perception is different than your potential clients. You may miss something that someone else would pick up on (like in the case of Rubzy). Do yourself a favor by asking the opinions of your friends. Their feedback will help you in situations where you might have thought otherwise or didn’t consider a specific word to have negative associations.

I’m excited to hear what you will name your website address. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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