MassageBook’s New MBA Program

A big announcement from MassageBook Software

Ever wanted an MBA in Massage Practice Management? Massage Book is ready to make your dreams come true. (Okay, there’s just a little bit of sarcasm there.)

MassageBook Software Announces Academy

This week MassageBook software emailed their customers to notify them of their plan to provide “free, short, and hyper-focused videos” to help practitioners learn how to run their practice more successfully.

I love it! I know it can be so helpful to so many practitioners. I can’t wait to see how their MBA academy looks.

Two years ago, when I started Bodywork Business Pro, I had this same exact vision. I wanted to start a “school” for practice management, business development, and marketing/promotional strategies that would help Massage & Bodywork professionals. I started by joining Bodywork Facebook Groups and offering tips when I could. I learned that Marketing and Promotional strategies were some of the biggest challenges practitioners face today. The struggles practitioners encountered motivated me to create courses that helped promote their practices online.

When I saw the MBA Academy announcement, part of me said “Sh*t”. That was the competitive side (and the insecure side). But then when I took their survey, I thought “how great is this!? I hope every professional in the field takes full advantage.” Practitioners can really benefit from the knowledge and direction put into course form.

I just hope MassageBook really does a great job because if their videos are going to be short, they need to make sure the information can be quickly applied. I’ll be the first to admit, when teaching, keeping things concise is a big challenge. As an Instructor, providing examples to help clarify points is very valuable. But the sharing of these examples do take time.

MassageBook’s Academy has a lot of potentials. I’ll be paying attention to how things come to fruition for the Academy. Who knows, if done well, perhaps MassageBook and Bodywork Business Pro may partner in the future to create some courses.

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