A Strong Internet Presence Will Fill Your Practice

New clients are out there and most of them are searching for services like yours on their Smartphones. Isn’t it time to leverage the power of the Internet so that they can find you?

I’m here to help increase your online presence and grow your clientele.

I can show you what to do online, how to do it, when to do it, and even why it’s important. My courses help you:

  1. Create a website that attracts clients.
  2. Search engine optimize your website to attract more clients.
  3. Leverage Social Media to attract even more clients.
  4. Set up and manage an online scheduling system that makes booking sessions easy.
  5. Increase your online reviews so that your practice stands out as the best.

All of this can be done without being tech savvy.

Just follow my lead.

Below you will find 5 of my most popular courses. Each one is just as important as another. Start where you feel you need the most help. Clients are out there searching for your services. Let’s make sure they find you!


The Complete Guide to Creating a Massage & Bodywork Website

SEO for Massage Websites

Most Massage & Bodywork websites miss the critical things needed to get a new client to schedule with you. This course walks you through every step needed to create a website that is attractive, has the right web copy, matches your brand, and most importantly, gets you more clients. Full Description

SEO for Massage & Bodywork Practitioners

seo for massage therapists

Everyone wants their site to be ranked #1 on Google. But not everyone has the right tools to get there. This course helps you optimize your website to get the #1 ranking on Google, which is huge for getting more clients. Full Description

Social Media Marketing for Massage & Bodywork Practitioners

social media for massage therapists

Your Social Media presence can have a profound impact on getting more clients. There are fun and creative ways to use Social Media to promote your services- in as little as 10 minutes a day. Try running an inexpensive ad on Facebook and fill your books. This course guides you through how to advertise on Facebook to build your clientele. Full Description

Online Scheduling Software for Massage & Bodywork Practitioners

massage online scheduling software for massage therapists

Want a simpler way to schedule clients? This course helps you choose the best online scheduling software. Plus, we show you how to set it up and manage it more effectively. Full Description

Increasing Online Reviews for Your Practice

Massage Therapy Business Plan tips

Are potential clients thinking twice about scheduling with you? Today, more and more potential clients are looking at ratings and reviews online to influence their decision before committing. This course guides you through several methods of getting more online reviews. Full Description

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