Massage Marketing: What is the best website platform for SEO?

A Massage Therapist I recently met expressed some concerns about her website and SEO. She wants to increase her massage marketing efforts. Before talking to me, she had a sales conversation with a company called Thrivehive. She was told to increase her SEO, she should move her website from Squarespace to WordPress.

Moving your website platform is not a small feat. The company likely could do it for her but it may cost extra money. It also may be more of a headache or stress.

Who wants more stress?

The nuts and bolts of her concern were does she need a different website platform to improve her SEO. I really liked her question and got inspired to create the video below.

Your massage marketing efforts can improve your SEO without having to switch website hosting platforms. For this practitioner, Squarespace will suffice. Squarespace and Wix have improved their SEO features. WordPress still has great SEO plugins, but honestly, your SEO more depends on what’s happening on other sites (directories and other websites that link to yours).

Please think twice before taking the bait from massage marketing businesses that sell you on switching your website platforms for better SEO.

If you’re needing to improve your SEO but want to do it on your own, please consider my course that will teach you how to SEO your website.

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