The Difficulty of Marketing A Massage Practice Online

One of the hardest things about running a successful Massage Therapy practice is obtaining clients. The process of obtaining clients is also known as Marketing. So many Massage Therapists start their careers with very high hopes of helping people; being of service in its many forms. Their training has empowered them to provide high quality sessions but they’re given very little guidance for how to attract new clients and keep them coming back for more.

Let’s face it, things are very high tech these days. Everyone is looking at their phone for most of the day, whether they should or shouldn’t be. Massage Therapists that want to stay in business are realizing that they have to reach people through modern technology in order to grow their clientele.

Promoting Your Massage & Bodywork Practice On Social Media

Since social media is so big, Massage Therapists and Bodywork practitioners tend to start here when trying to obtain more clients. It’s not a bad idea. In marketing, brands want to be where the eyeballs are looking. Social media is used by so many people. It makes sense to try to leverage it to get more clients.

But social media is very complex. There’s a lot to learn in order to leverage the technology as a successful promotional tool. Many practitioners I know make two common mistakes when they market on social media:

  1. Promote on their personal profiles.
  2. Advertise without a specific plan, strategy, or objective in mind (other than get more clients).

Doing these two things can cause more harm than good to your Massage & Bodywork practice. Before going aggressive with ads and all-or-nothing self promotion, try building some connections first. Take a go giver’s approach and try to help people with the sole purpose of being helpful.

You can do this by joining a local Facebook group and focusing on being a helpful resource. Make tremendous recommendations. As you focus on being more helpful, just make sure that there is a link to your business website on your personal profile. When people recognize how helpful you are, they will look at your profile to learn more about you. This is an indication that they are beginning to trust you. Once they see that you are a Massage Therapist or Bodyworker, they will click on the link to your website to learn more about what you do.

This is a great way to obtain clients without being, looking, sounding, or seeming too aggressive.

Being Consistent With Content Marketing Is A Factor For Obtaining Clients

Another difficult thing about marketing a Massage & Bodywork practice is being consistent. Rule #1 for marketing any business online is to be consistent with content marketing. Content Marketing = the text, photos, audio, or videos you share online. This can be in things such as inspirational graphics on Facebook, Instagram stories, demo videos on Youtube, or even a podcast.

If you’re doing any content marketing, the best thing you can do for yourself is be consistent. How consistent is determined by you. Very successful Internet Marketing teachers will tell you to share/publish something at least once a week.

But where do you find the time to do that? Good question. You may not like the answer. It’s you just find the time to do it. The first place to start is to schedule it. Get it on your calendar. Second step is to just show up. Third step is to tune out the voice of doubt or criticism and just start creating.

How to Attract the Right Massage & Bodywork Clients

marketing a massage practice and attracting the right clients

My final point for this difficulty of marketing a massage practice article is attracting the right clients. Too often, Massage Therapists offer a discount for their first time clients. They run a Groupon or local community deal. Or through word of mouth, they discount their services for friends of friends referrals.

While I do think this can be a great strategy to get clients on your table and to get the word out, you have to be very careful about keeping the wheeler and dealer bargain basement clients at bay. Yes, there are people out there who invest in products and services based on how much money they think they’re saving.

Obviously, this isn’t the type of client you want. You want clients who have the financial resources to pay the amount you are asking for. You want the type of client that understands your value and pays you a full payment with a smile because they are so grateful that you are helping them with their journey to health and wholeness.

Get very clear about your value and how you communicate to your clients. Instead of greatly discounting services, try something like a solid referral reward program. Yes, I know it’s risky because you need clients but your value is the most important thing to consider. If you know you’re caring for your clients and doing really good work for the price you’re asking, there’s nothing that should prevent you from receiving the set amount from a client who values your time and talent.

Marketing a Massage & Bodywork practice can be difficult but if you give attention to the 3 points in this article, it should get easier. If you stay committed to doing the things that are helpful to others, be consistent with your content sharing, and solidify certainty about your value, you will attract the right clients who respect and honor your value.

Are there other things that make marketing your Massage & Bodywork practice difficult? Be sure to let me know in the comments.

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