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ClinicSense Massage Software ReviewClinicSense is a software company that helps small healthcare clinics reduce their administrative costs and workload with easy-to-use practice management software. In addition to providing an online scheduling software, it provides SOAP notes, invoicing, electronic insurance claims, email reminders and recalls, revenue reporting, and more. In this article, I am going to share a comprehensive review of ClinicSense as a massage software, as seen through the eyes of massage businesses that have 6 – 12 massage therapists.

Before I go into detail about ClinicSense and what it does for your massage practice, I want to share with you the rating criteria I came up with to help provide a more useful massage software review. There are 8 categories within the review criteria. Below is the name of each one and what it means.

        1. Pricing.  Pricing is most likely the first thing people look at when they look into massage online software reviews. Once someone knows a price, they pretty much say to themselves “it’s okay” or “it’s too expensive”. Unfortunately, this preconceived notion prevents Massage Therapists from better understanding what the software actually does, compared to how much it costs. My rating system for pricing is based on what the software actually does for the cost of use, as well as in comparison to what else is available (I’ve reviewed 12 different softwares and determined the average cost for using an online scheduling software is about $23 a month). 
        1. Responsive. There are different ways someone can use an online scheduling software. You could use it from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You could also use an app or a web-based version of the software. This rating criterion is called “responsive” because it will cover how compatible the software is with all of the viewing platforms that you use.
        1. User Friendliness. You will be using this software every day (or close to it). The software has to be easy to navigate and use. You also want to feel good while you are using it. Why deal with headaches or heartaches because of a bad software that’s not user friendly? From this rating criterion, you will know how you will feel when you use the software.
        1. Customer Friendliness. You’re not the only one who will use this software. It is so important to also make sure that your clients feel good when they use the software! However, they won’t be using it like you do. I’m going to make sure that you know the software is also good for your clients to use. 
        1. SOAP Notes. I’ve added the SOAP notes criterion because I know it’s important for your practice. Also, several massage softwares include SOAP notes as a feature. But just because SOAP notes are offered doesn’t mean that they’re good. Considerations like how SOAP notes are stored, shared, and what kind of visual aids are available need to be weighted as either pros or cons. I’ve done the research for you and you will have a full understanding of what you can and can’t do with SOAP notes for this software.
        1. Automation. Part of investing in a massage scheduling software is the ability to automate certain processes. Automation saves you time and money. If your online scheduling software is compatible with your website and social media pages, that will make things more automated. It will further help you feel saner because you won’t have to remember so many things that you need to do. In this rating criterion, I am going to help you know what will save you time and money if you use this software.
        1. Payment Processing. Yes, some online scheduling softwares take payments. Maybe you want a software that will hold a credit card as a reservation or charge a client for a no show. Payment processing can make your life a lot easier when the software is working right. I’ll be sharing a lot of helpful information about the software’s payment processing capabilities and what it can or can’t do for your business.
      1. Add-Ons. Sometimes softwares have some cool features that you may have not even considered. I’ll review these features, providing more information about whether they’re worth your time and money.

When reading through each criterion, you will see an overall rating number after the title. I used the familiar “on a scale from 1 – 10” rating system. This number represents the quality of the software, specific to the criterion reviewed. For example, if you see a number “5” in the section, you will know it is average. 1 is poor. 10 is excellent. After each number rating is shared, there will be explanations and examples about how the software provides this feature.

Now that you know the what and how for this massage software review of ClinicSense, let’s dive right in.

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Massage Scheduling Software Review: ClinicSense

Pricing-  3.5/10

ClinicSense has tiered pricing. Tiered pricing means you get access to a certain set of features for a specific price. The options are $29/month for Basic, $59/month for Grow, and $99/month for Pro.

Massage Software Review- ClinicSense Pricing

In the image above, I put a red box around the difference maker, practitioners. The software is $29/month for 1 practitioner, which is okay. However, this review is more geared for clinics that have 6 or more practitioners. For 6 or more practitioners, you have to look at the Pro version, which is $99/month. This is expensive. It also makes me wonder what happens to the clinics that keep growing? If a clinic first signed up with 7 practitioners and grew to 12 in less than a year, how would ClinicSense accommodate the growth? Would they charge more money? My guess is yes and that would make things even more expensive. Yikes.

I did email my question to ClinicSense support. They responded promptly. Their response stated “The cost is an additional $10/mo for each practitioner after 10.” This would mean that if you have 15 practitioners listed on the software, you will be paying $150/month for use. $10/mo for each additional practitioner doesn’t sound bad but the cost could quickly add up.

ClinicSense does give you a 14-day free trial to test the waters. This is helpful. It will give you enough time to decide if the software is a good fit or not for your practice/clinic and its needs.

 If you are a member of AMTA, you can save 25% on your monthly subscription. This is a great rate for AMTA members!

ClinicSense is on the more expensive end of the massage softwares offered. However, the features that are available to its users are pretty good. (More information about the features can be found in the Automation criterion section.)

Responsive-   6/10

ClinicSense is a web-based system with responsive design. This means that you can access the software from any type of device, as long as you can access the Internet. ClinicSense does offer a mobile version, however, on their FAQ page, they don’t mention that you can login from a smartphone. After looking at the mobile version of the platform, I realized why they don’t list the login from a smartphone option. It wasn’t as “crisp” and user-friendly. You are also limited to what you can do. Here’s a view of the mobile version:

Massage Software Review- ClinicSense mobile

The best way to use ClinicSense is on a desktop or a laptop. When used from a computer, you will have more options for what you can do. Things also seem easier to find via the desktop version.

Do consider how you want to access your massage software. Do you want to use your phone or a laptop/desktop? Knowing how you will access the software will give you a better idea as to whether ClinicSense will work for you.

The calendar tab is kind of like the homepage or dashboard. It’s your “home base”, being the page you always want to come back to. With more practitioners on the schedule, ClinicSense organizes sessions by changing the colors of the time slots. This is really helpful because all of our brains will quickly adjust to seeing different colors for different practitioners.

User Friendliness-   8/10

When you first sign up for ClinicSense, you are advised to view their 3-minute intro video. The video helps you get more familiar with the software.

massage software review- ClinicSense user

The video is worth your time to view. You’ll learn a lot. And when you’re done viewing the video, there are prompts to complete your setup.

ClinicSense has done a great job to make the software easy for you to use. Navigation is very simple. There aren’t too many tabs or links to click. The layout/design is very organized. Even the colors are clean. The site is mostly a white background with some blue and gray to further organize tabs and other features.

Customer Friendliness-  8/10

ClinicSense will allow your clients to schedule from your website. I really like this. It simplifies things for your clients. In the video below, you will see exactly what your clients experience when scheduling online with you.

As mentioned in the video, the only challenge is to get the scheduling button on your website. ClinicSense will help you do this if you are not able to do it on your own.

When I requested an appointment with myself to see what the experience was like, I found it to be really easy. Immediately, an email was generated and sent both to a practitioner email account and a client one. The practitioner email showed a pending appointment (you can adjust your settings to approve each appointment or not) and the client email verified that an appointment had been requested. It also notified the client that they needed to complete their online intake form.

SOAP Notes-   9/10

Filling out SOAP notes can be a fun experience when you use ClinicSense, mostly because there are some great things you can do with this feature.  You can pin a note to a visual chart, which could either be noted for a trigger point or another specific issue addressed in the massage appointment. Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like.

Massage Software Review- ClinicSense SOAP

Organizationally, ClinicSense has done well with attaching SOAP notes to clients and the dates of the sessions. They’ve also done something helpful to “Autofill” SOAP notes. This means that you could copy a note from a previous session and then customize to the session you’ve just completed. This makes things more convenient and saves you time when completing your notes.

Sharing SOAP notes are very important. ClinicSense allows you to print any SOAP note you select. In order to share the note electronically, you have to follow the prompts to print the note but not actually print it. Instead, you save the note as a PDF and then share that with a professional via email or whatever electronic file sharing service you would use. It isn’t the easiest, but it is doable, which is a step up from other softwares that have little or no sharing capabilities.

Automation-   7.5/10

ClinicSense has some features that are automated and created to make things more convenient for you. Here are some of the things the software automates to help you save time and money for managing your practice.

        1. Calendar synchronization. You can do things like embedding the scheduling calendar on your website, allowing clients to schedule right then and there- if they happen to be on your page. There is also the capability to sync your calendar with iCalendar and/or Google calendar if you use either one of those.
        1. Online intake forms. When a client schedules for the first time through the software, they are automatically emailed a link to fill out their intake forms. Here is a screenshot of what that email looks like: massage software review- ClinicSense email
        1. When the intake form is filled out, a client file is automatically created. This creates an organized client tracking system for you, allowing you to search your “cabinet” for clients by their name.
        1. Clinic Sense can invoice clients automatically. All you have to do is choose the method of payment for the client. Receipts and invoices are sent digitally to each client that is configured for digital invoices.
      1. There is also a feature for your signature. It’s pretty fun. Once you complete it once, it is saved for all invoices and other forms that you assign it to. Here’s a signature box I filled out: massage software review- ClinicSense signature

Payment Processing-  8/10

When using the “grow” or “pro” version of ClinicSense, you can hold a credit card number for clients. This will help you easily charge for no-shows and manage the payments of clients that purchase packages from you. It’s easy to use and all that is required is an account created with their partner, Stripe. An account with ClinicSense and Stripe will charge you 2.9% plus 40 cents per transaction. This is very competitive with other payment processing systems and good enough to invest in.

Massage Software Review- ClinicSense Payment

Add Ons-   7 /10

There is some add-ons ClinicSense offers. Below is a list of some of their featured ones and more information about their usefulness for your practice:

        1. Gift certificates. Clients can buy gift certificates directly from your website. All gift certificates are digital. They will be sent to the recipient via email and they can schedule their session by clicking a “book online now” button at the bottom of the email. Graphically, the emails aren’t the prettiest. However, 5 different templates are offered so at least you have options.
        1. Automatically generated sales reports. This makes knowing your numbers a lot easier and can be quite useful for business analysis.
        1. Email reminders for clients who haven’t scheduled in a while. You can customize the message to match your communication styles. Here’s a view of an email message I started.massage software review- ClinicSense email
        1. Automated birthday emails. You can offer to gift the birthday client and give them an opportunity to use a discount for their next session.
      1. Sales tax. For every service you create in the software, you can add sales tax onto the cost of the session.

Massage Software Reviews- 7.1/10 Overall Rating

ClinicSense is a good software to use for owners of massage clinics and integrative healing arts centers. It can seem expensive to pay for, however, the features offer a lot to help provide organization and convenience for your practice.

Do remember that this review was meant for a clinic/practice that has between 5-12 practitioners. I’m very confident that this software will work for you if you have 1 or more practitioners working for you.

Now that you know the ins and outs of ClinicSense, you may be interested in trying the software out to see if it works well with your practice. If so, I would like to help.

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Comments 15

  • ChristineAugust 5, 2017 at 9:35 am


    Thank you for the detailed analysis of this and abfew other systems I am currently looking at.

    I am currently hiring RMTs to work for me on a contract basis for my onsite massage company. They will be going into homes, companies and events.

    I am trying to find a system that allows me to have the SOAP notes with images and easy point and click abilities.

    I also want to be able to book on line or where the client contacts me.

    I also would like to have an easy POS system that perhaps allows for money to be exchanged through me and not have cash exchanged during the time of the massage.

    I also am looking for the therapist to have access to their client’s but not my entire data base so it does not leave that price of the buiness vulnerable.

    I am also in Toronto so need something that is processed in Canada.

    I have been looking at a bunch of sites. Clinic Sense was checking off a number of boxes but I see that you have assessed many other systems.

    Would you be able to reccomned one that may be a good fit and then I would also like to purchase a tutorial from you to save time and headaches on my end.

    Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


    • ReidAugust 8, 2017 at 6:00 am

      Christine, Always good to know what you need. Your endeavour sounds similar to a friend of my Mom’s. For her and for you, I recommend looking into ClinicSense further. Contact them, request a demo, and “grill” their account manager with your specific needs and questions. You definitely want to make sure that the software you choose can accommodate all of your needs.

  • Jeanette LundellSeptember 26, 2017 at 7:33 am

    Hey! I Loved you reviews but you have one teeeeeny error on the review of clinicsense: it does not go through square- it goes through stripe! 🙂 I am looking for a payment processor with square as I already have this set up and have the chip reader as well. Many of my clients do not like to manually enter credit card information as it is a setting on their accounts because they have been defrauded. Thank you for all your amazing reviews!

  • Fred SeamanDecember 28, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    Hi Reid,
    I came across you from looking at one of your reviews for other software. They were very informative and helpful. My wife runs a mobile/onsite massage business in Calgary, Alberta. Like Christine, we are trying to find the best all in one solution for scheduling, invoicing, etc. Our budget isn’t that big for this, but was wondering what you know about Office 365. Im checking it out for the Bookings, Invoicing, Calendar integration and it’s only $15.20/month per user. Just wondering what your thoughts are if you are familiar with it, for using for single practitioner practice. Or maybe check it out and give me your thoughts in comparison with these other options.

    • ReidDecember 31, 2017 at 9:19 am

      Fred, thanks for your comment. I haven’t looked into Office 365 as a total solution for a Massage business. I don’t know the ins and outs of your wife’s mobile/onsite massage business but I would hesitate on purchasing 365 because 365 is more “generic”. Your wife may want to sell and manage gift certificates with a chosen software. For reasons like that, something made more for the Massage industry may be a better fit. Try out Artichoke. It’s around the same price as 365 but made more for Massage Therapists. I wrote a review here:

  • Katya AleksovaNovember 17, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    I see the last replies are from 2017, but I’ll give it a shot:

    I’m starting my own business with 1 person (myself), and I am wondering whether to choose ClinicSense or Grow in Cloud – do you have any advice or opinion on the subject?
    I can have a 25% discount of ClinicSense as I’m a member of FHT (I’m in the UK), but Grow in Cloud seems cheaper overall. I’ve been trying to find articles comparing the two, but no luck so far. ‍♀️

    • ReidNovember 18, 2018 at 2:59 pm

      Katya, ClinicSense and Grow in Cloud are very different from one another. ClinicSense is geared towards wellness practitioners and Grow in Cloud is more generalized “Small Business” management software. For example, ClinicSense will provide the feature of SOAP notes but Grow in Cloud won’t. If it were me, I would choose a software that would make my job easier, not a software that makes me adjust to what they offer. Hope that helps.

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    […] you’re online scheduler. There are tons of Massage softwares, both paid and free. My favorite is ClinicSense but you can sign up for a free one if money is a little tight right […]

  • AriJuly 6, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    hi reid,

    I watched the clinicsense video reviewing the soap note aspect of the software on YT . when sending the client’s file to another practitioner, was the file that you manually uploaded included in the preview section before saving/printing? i couldnt quite tell. very much appreciated !

  • B RahnAugust 24, 2019 at 9:27 am

    I appreciate your detailed review of this product. My experience of this product over the last 3 years has not been so positive. Far from reducing my time by 72% I find I have never spent more time scheduling clients, writing notes, addressing malfunctions, etc. The computer generated clinical notes are practically incomprehensible, requiring detailed amendments to Subjective SOAP notes. I would not recommend this product for seasoned practitioners.

    • ReidAugust 26, 2019 at 3:03 pm

      Thanks for your comment, B Rahn. This is the first time I have heard a user share a negative experience. I appreciate the insight and hope it helps practitioners make well-informed decisions for what massage scheduling software to invest in.

  • MaryanneAugust 29, 2019 at 12:23 pm


    I really like your review on ClinicSence as I have been considering changing from what I have now. I have used Genbook for many years, but need something with the financials reporting and also soapnotes. I am currently looking at Massage Office Pro 2016, I wonder what your thoughts are on that. Thanks

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