Why It’s Hard To Book New Massage Clients Online

If you feel discouraged about not enough massage clients each week, chances are you’re really thinking about your marketing and promotional efforts. You might have thought about your website and social media presence. You may also have considered how much word of mouth marketing is working for you.

Thinking about your marketing, in my opinion, is always a good thing when something isn’t working. “Reflect, adjust, and implement adjustments” is a process I’ve used in marketing my Massage Therapy practice. When reflecting about my own online marketing efforts, I tend to lean on the numbers. They tell a full story that’s factual and not something I may be making up in my head (which is easy for me to do).

How Many Visits Does Your Massage Website Get?

Do you ever look at how many people visit your website in a week? It’s pretty easy to do with the right platform. If you look at the numbers, it will help you determine if you need to ramp up online marketing for your Massage & Bodywork business.

You might find that your weekly visits are at about 100 and you don’t recall anyone filling out your contact form or online scheduler. That’s an indication that there’s a disconnect between who’s visiting your website and what you’re offering. The lack of interest in your services may indicate it’s time to reflect on your website copy (and images!) and do some updating.

Did you know your website is always a work in progress? I know it’s not fun to think about but it’s true. There’s always something on your website that can benefit from updating.

5 Things That Get Massage Clients To Book Online

I think it’s hard to book new massage clients online because a complete system needs to be in place and most Massage & Bodywork practitioners don’t have the system in place. What I mean by a system is:

  1. A website that has really good copy and addresses a specific pain point from a potential client.
  2. Good exposure online. This means your site does show up and rank well on Google search results, Yelp listings and Google My Places listings.
  3. A decent social media presence in which people and/or businesses like and share your posts because they are good, helpful, and/or intriguing. (I care less about how many followers you have and more about what those followers are doing with your posts.)
  4. A scheduling software that is super convenient for potential clients and you to use.
  5. Email marketing that is consistent. I suggest emailing your newsletter list every two weeks and sharing a health related tip, highlighting a local business that complements your work, and reminding people how they can conveniently schedule with you.

When you have a system in place, your online marketing starts to attract more clients. Please understand that setting up this system takes time. It also takes effort. I know that many of the concepts for setting up this system are foreign- so that’s why I offer training and support to help you succeed.

The Psychology of Booking Massage Clients Online

There’s another thing that makes it hard to book new massage clients online. It’s a one word answer. It’s trust. Or lack of.

In this regard, trust goes both ways. As I’ve advised in many previous posts, showing your work is one of the best things you can do to promote yourself online. You see, potential clients need to trust that you’ll do great work, believe you can solve their problem, and make their life better- all before they schedule. If you show more of your work via small video and photo segments online, potential clients will relate to what you’re showing and think you can solve their problem.

That’s what’s needed for them to trust you. What about your trust in them? As one Massage Therapist in San Antonio TX shared with me, she would rather attract the ideal client through word of mouth. As she stated, “Rarely do I like the clients who have found me online, because most are tire kickers and looking for non legit massages.  I am also hesitant to bring just any one into my home office.”

These are valid points and they imply that you, as the Massage Therapist/Bodyworker, have to trust that your new client is legit and focused on their personal healing. I suggest being diligent in your prescreening by having a thorough intake form or pre session survey to learn more about your client and their hopes or goals for the session.

How Trustworthy Is Your Online Presence?

It might be a good idea to think about how much you trust strangers booking massage & bodywork sessions with you online. I believe that if you’re not feeling a lot of trust, you’re probably putting out some sort of vibe that might attract non trusting people.

If you find that the trust is low, then adjust your marketing to consist of all word of mouth. The focus and energy invested will support you to attract the right clients. Plus, you’ll know a bit about them before they enter your treatment room.

But if your trust is at a decent level, then reflect on your online marketing system and see what you can do; update your website, local business profiles, and social media posts.

Thanks for making the time to read this. I really appreciate it. If you need more support for promoting your Massage & Bodywork practice online, please subscribe to my newsletter list or join Bodywork Business Pro. I offer free tips on a weekly basis and provide extra support and training to members of Bodywork Business Pro.

I love working with Massage & Bodywork practitioners! You provide an incredible service and it’s my honor to help support you to develop a successful Massage & Bodywork practice!

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