What Are The Best Marketing Strategies For Massage Therapists?

This is a question we all ask ourselves at one point or another in our Massage Therapy careers.

I remember back in the day when I first started, websites and Google were still a mystery. Since I didn’t know how to do Internet Marketing back then, I read a lot about marketing from my Massage School books. What I did was photocopy a section from one of the books. The section was called “Marketing A-Z” and it had a marketing tip that started with each letter of the alphabet. I tried almost every tip from that section. I remember thinking it was a gold mine of Massage Marketing wisdom.

It was crazy though. I was all over the place. My networking was strong but scheduling clients wasn’t happening on a regular basis. I remember telling myself “there’s got to be a better way”.

What my biggest problem was I didn’t have an ideal client. Since I didn’t know who I was targeting, I didn’t know where to look for them. I was doing a shotgun approach that had me running around; consuming a lot of time, money, and energy.

I found a better solution when I learned the best marketing strategies for Massage Therapists. Those were the good ole days when you ranked #1 on Google and had so many inquiries from a well optimized blog post.

That hasn’t changed for the businesses that still rank #1. However, if you don’t rank well and you want to get to the top of Google, you have to work very hard and be very patient because it will take time.

Currently the buzz is around running a Facebook or Instagram ad. I’ve heard many Massage Therapists talk about putting $20 into an ad and getting $150 or more in business. That’s a very high return on investment! If that’s happening more frequently, why isn’t every Massage Therapist running a Facebook or Instagram ad?

The answer is because a lot of Massage Therapists believe their ideal clients aren’t on Social Media or won’t respond to a Social Media ad. This circles back to the ideal client. That has got to be the #1 strategy for Massage Therapy Marketing.

Best Massage Marketing Strategy #1: Define an ideal client

Ask yourself who you want on your massage table. Write everything you think of down on a piece of paper. Add more details about that person. Include their interests, activities, and profession. Allow that information to help you attract real people that fit the profile. Then figure out where to find more people like them.

Best Massage Marketing Strategy #2: Determine the right places where you’ll find your ideal clients.

A lot of Massage Therapists find connections with Chiropractors and set up a referral partnership. This really helps because many of the people that receive Chiropractic care are in some form of pain and they are seeking treatment that includes their musculo-skelatal health. This is just one example of where to find ideal clients once they’ve been determined.

When you know where to find ideal clients, you will then want to know how to communicate to them.

Best Massage Marketing Strategy #3: Communicate the benefits of the work you provide.

It’s hard for an ideal client to schedule with you if all they hear is where you went to school and what type of services you provide. They’ll think “What about me?” when they see your website, read your brochure, or listen to you speak.

When you communicate to their needs and pains, you will get their attention. They will start to think that you can provide the solution to their problems. And then they will book a session with you.

These strategies have been working since the beginning of time. Well, I’m not so sure about that. However, they have been working since I started my own practice back in 2001. And the great thing about them is they can be applied both online and in-person, whatever ways you find to be most comfortable for marketing your Massage & Bodywork practice.

Have a more specific strategy that’s working really well for you? Leave a comment and let us know.

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