Should A New Massage Therapist Advertise On Yelp?

When you’re a Massage Therapist and new to private practice, you’re in a situation that is very uncomfortable and highly risky. You have no clients! And likely no money to pay for advertising.

So what do you do to get new Massage clients on your table? Do you pull out the credit card and go into more debt while taking a gamble on advertising? More specifically, should you advertise on Yelp?

For some practitioners, advertising on Yelp has helped. It did bring a return on investment and brought new clients in the door. However, I wouldn’t recommend it. Here’s why.

Advertising on Yelp would indicate that the type of ideal client you want to massage is using Yelp.

Do you know who your ideal client is? This is someone that you would feel great about working with. They are considerate, pay full price, never reschedule, relax well, and appreciate your work. (Well, I guess that’s my ideal client but I think we’re on the same page, right?)

When advertising on Yelp, a variety of people with different interests and values browse their website to find Massage Therapists. By advertising on Yelp, you risk spending money to attract the wrong type of client. If you were to target ideal clients at locations that match your descriptions, you minimize the risk of reaching the wrong type of client.

This saves you money and helps you deal with less stress. It also gives you a clear answer to should a new Massage Therapist advertise on Yelp.

You can get massage clients from Yelp without having to pay.

You can list your business on Yelp for free. This alone can help you get new clients without having to pay for advertising. It does help if you have reviews and that your listing is 100% completely filled out. There are little tricks like making sure you have 10 photos uploaded for your business listing, as well as the reviews having been written from a different IP address then where you are located. 

My apologies if that was a bit technical. These things really do help with your free listing and ranking higher in Yelp’s search results so I wanted to make sure you knew about them. There are dozens of more tips for online marketing in the online marketing course over at Bodywork Business School.

Be for warned that once you create a business listing for your new Massage practice on Yelp, you will be contacted by one of their representatives. They will try to sell advertising to you. And they can be aggressive. You may find yourself getting annoyed or upset.

But this is part of the process and every Massage Therapist who creates a business listing on Yelp goes through it. Stay strong and don’t let the sharks get you. Screen your calls and then block their number. Or take their call and tell them you’re too busy with clients to advertise. Whatever you do, do your best to not react and stay focused on attracting new clients. 

So you now know what I think for should a new Massage Therapist advertise on Yelp. Do you have your own thoughts you want to share?

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