4 Keys To Marketing Your Massage Therapy Practice

If you own a massage practice or are about to start one, I hope you have a marketing plan. You don’t need a 50 page document that details everything, every day, from this day forward. But you do need to know what you’re gonna do and when you’re going to do it.

Marketing is something that’s briefly mentioned in Massage school. Most practitioners graduate without having a clear understanding for how to market a Massage Therapy practice.

There are 4 keys to successfully marketing your massage practice. With these 4 keys, you can clarify what you need to do to get more clients. You’ll also have the confidence to follow through on your action steps. If you do what you plan for, you will schedule more clients.

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Here are the 4 keys to successfully marketing your massage practice.

1. Choosing a Massage Marketing Strategy

A strategy is like an idea except it’s a little more specific to what you hope for as a result. Strategies are high level and they’re aimed to help people achieve goals.

For example, you want more Massage Therapy clients. A strategy to find more clients would be to do seated chair massage once a week at a set location, take walk in appointments, and hand out cards or schedule on the spot with people.

Some strategies will work for you and some won’t. Often, Massage Therapists hear of strategies that have worked for their colleagues, and try them for themselves, but have little success. This can be frustrating and it sometimes discourages Massage Therapists from trying again.

The best way to choose your Massage marketing strategy is to first know what you want. What you want is your goal. If you can clearly define it and visualize it, you’ll come up with ideas for strategies. From there it’s a matter of planning and trying them out.

2. Creating a Massage Marketing Action Plan

From the point you decide on a massage marketing strategy, you can then start planning. I know, planning can sound daunting, but marketing strategies just can’t be done once and expect a result to manifest right away. Planning helps you anticipate what to expect and prepares you for success.

Planning doesn’t have to be strenuous. I know you trust your gut. So planning your massage marketing strategy can happen from taking moments to meditate and letting each step of the plan come to you.

When planning your massage marketing strategy, you first want to think about what you need to do. Make a list of the steps. From there, guesstimate how much time it will take. Don’t worry about getting the time exactly right. You just need have a sense of how long something will take so you can actually do it.

Once you have a sense of the time it will take, start listing the steps. Keep the steps simple so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Also, try to keep the steps concrete (real). That way you can clearly see yourself completing each step and you’re more inspired to do them.

3. Scheduling Your Marketing Steps

The 3rd key to successfully marketing your massage practice is to schedule your action steps.

There’s a quote by Tony Robbins that is often shared in the business world. It goes:

“What’s talked about is a dream. What’s envisioned is exciting. What’s planned becomes possible. But only what’s scheduled is real.”

That quote really opened my eyes the first time I saw it. In fact, I wrote it on a post-it note and placed it on the front of my refrigerator. I wanted to make sure I remembered it.

Your massage marketing strategy won’t become a success unless you schedule time to do what you need to do. It’s a commitment but it’s what will get you more clients. If you use a daily planner, write it down. If you use a calendar app on your phone, schedule it.

The point is to block out the time so that you will do what needs to be done.

4. Follow Through On Marketing Your Massage Practice

Blocking out time leads to the 4th and final key to successfully marketing your massage practice- Following through.

Following through is also known as execution. Have you ever watched an NFL or NBA game and when the coaches are interviewed, they say their team needs to execute. Guess what? Same goes here. In order for you to win (in your practice) you need to execute.

This means that you will do what you know you need to do at the time you scheduled to do it. It’s as simple as that.

Every weekday morning, I commit 60 min of my time (from 5:30 – 6:30 am) to write my next article or outline my next video. I show up. I execute my action plan.

You need to do the same if you want to successfully market your massage practice.

In conclusion, the 4 keys to successfully marketing your massage practice are:

  1. Choose a Marketing Strategy
  2. Create a Plan of Action
  3. Schedule Time to Take Action
  4. Follow Through on Your Plan

If you follow these 4 keys and commit to doing them, you’ll set yourself up for a lot of clients and success.

Thanks for your time and attention. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. If you haven’t already downloaded the client manifestation guide, click here to get a free copy.

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