10 Content Tips For Massage Therapists To Post On Social Media

“Today I’m going to meditate, clean the bathroom, donate some stuff to goodwill, weed the garden, and massage 3 clients. Do I really have to post to Social Media?”

If you have the posting to social media blues for your Massage Therapy practice, please know you’re not alone. We all go through it. It’s more common than you might think.

But to get over the hump, we need to feel creative inspiration. Sometimes this is time away from our mobile companions. Other times this is a trip or vacation. And other times it’s just a nice, supportive list of comments from colleagues in the Therapeutic Massage industry.

If you’re seeking creative inspiration for stuff to post on your Social Media (to promote your practice), look no further. Here are ten ten tips that you can use over and over again.

10 Content Tips For Massage Therapists To Post On Social Media

  1. Stretches for the muscles that most of your clients complain about. Who doesn’t love a good stretch? And if you can show someone a new way to stretch out those tight QL’s, you have just won the hearts of many followers online. 
  2. Photos of objects in your office that highlight your personality. Do you have a favorite quote mounted on your wall, a silly name tag, or a sign for taking shoes off? Post a photo of it and explain why it’s there. Make it funny and have fun doing it. People will like it and comment.
  3. Photos of your pet(s). You can never go wrong with photos of your pets. Massage related captions get extra bonus points. 
  4. Pictures of available appointments for the week. I see Bodyworkers do this all the time. What’s really neat is that when they get a session booked, they use some kind of app that strikes through the time slot that was just booked. It can be really impactful and motivate people to book a session!
  5. Stories of cool clients. (Sometimes you have to be discreet but sometimes the client will want to be the ‘star’ of your post.) When you share a bit about their story (their problem, what happened in their session, and how they feel now), your Social Media followers will think “Dang, that sounds like me! I could use a massage right now”. 
  6. A cool testimonial for a local business you support. (The more you give, the more you get.)
  7. 30-45 second video of you massaging a client’s back, shoulder, or posterior body part. (This one is more specific but it’s powerful.) There’s a thing in our brains called Mirror Neurons, which help us empathize and also make us want to be that client on the table getting massaged.
  8. FAQ’s. Sometimes a client asks a really great question and you as their Massage Therapist think “more people should know the answer to this.” That’s your opportunity to share both the question and the answer on your next Social Media post. 
  9. Education about the conditions some of your clients have and how massage helps with pain management. Do you have a client with Fibromyalgia? Share some knowledge about that condition and explain how your massage technique can help. (Notice how I wrote ‘your’ massage technique there?)
  10. Recent reviews. If a client recently wrote a review that just made your day, take a photo of it and personally thank them on Social Media. You might even be able tag them in the photo of the review too. They’ll feel appreciated and their social network will take notice. It might just get you a few more clients…

So there are 10 good ones. Do you have more to add? Please leave a comment below. Also, remember to ‘recycle’ these content tips. For example, use the video for several different body parts.

Cool! Now you have 10 content tips to post on your Massage Therapy Social Media accounts. Be sure to use the information. Take some action now by recording a video or writing down the top 5 FAQ’s your clients ask. That will help you get started.

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